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Far But Near 

G.B. Ghaffari

So far,

But still so near

My eyes were covered in tears

When you shut the door for the last time

I didn’t know that

You were going to disappear!

So far,

But I’m still here

With all my heart

Sorrows and fear

Listening to footsteps

Of passing souls

Hoping that

They see and hear

My candid utmost wishes

That once again

You’ll be here.

So far,

I’m still in tears

I don’t care,

If you’re too far or near

I want you to be happy

And wish that you will achieve

All of your desired goals and dreams

Which, to you, are foremost, dear

I will be your sacrifice

If I need to be

– That is why I am still here!

Awaiting forever and ever

Till the day that you reappear!

Bookmark in the Book of Life 

Luisa Gabriela Rosas

A bookmark can be a fancy designer's piece of art, maybe someone's own art.  It also can simply be a serviette quickly set to hold the spot of a favourite chapter to hurry on to the next task. In the book of life, the brain keeps the invisible threads that mark pages when suddenly interrupted thoughts have to be put aside.

Our private library of the books of life is stacked with so many personal events, but how many of those stories are stamped and bookmarked for later editing only to be left in a pile by a struggling librarian? Also understanding that not knowing oneself can come from normalized behaviour around us. Behaviours that are meant to keep us stuck. The movie Runaway Bride is an exploration of a woman that has no idea who she is in a society that kept laughing at her for running, never exploring why she ran. In the movie a reporter who is there to write a story about the bride's silly behaviour figures out she doesn't know how to make her own choices. Yet, with a simple question: “How do you like your eggs?", he deciphers her. She runs away from love but she goes on to learn who she is and what she wants. My favourite part is when she finally hands him her running shoes and decides each of the things she loved.To learn who we are to the precise details of what moves our individual selves is what life should be about.

People write in their books of life consistently, creating invisible pages that form their stories. Stories are written and revised every day. But do they ever think of going back and looking at the bookmarks they set in place to continue the editing? Only the few revise their library. Some are prompted by Plato to examine the unexamined life. Some go back and understand the chapters left behind. So many subjects unexamined can cause the brain to attract incidental chapters that are similar to the original. In the book, Getting the Love you Want by Harville Hendrix, PH.D., his exploration of how previous experiences are matched with the new people encountered can be an incredibly scary thought. The good or bad caregivers are kept in a file that might have not been edited since childhood or adolescence; unexamined chapters rule our new experiences. Yet those who Dare Greatly, like Brene Brown, quotes as the title of her book, can revise their chapters until precisely edited. These exploration can edit those chapters to create unique individuals that have unique choices to make.

Regular books are found in shelves and piles, dusty, sometimes in storage. Physical copies  that when found, remind us to go read them or sort them when there is time. Yet life keeps moving forward until we make the time to prioritize, to go back and think of dreams that were interrupted. Conversations with people that were interesting and for some reason were never finished. Tasks that need to be completed, gifts never given, hobbies, to do lists.

Bookmarks in life are set to come back to, when supported. I love revising my library until the precise editing is complete. I encourage everyone to do the same.


The First Grace Show 


Elijah Akandwanaho

Adult High school decided to give awards to students who have done great work in the school. It is the first time and many students attended the ceremony with joy and expectations. There were six students who won awards. The students were chosen according to their accomplishments, generosity, hospitality, and their support to other students in the school. Also, students showed their talents on stage, some sang songs and others played musical instruments. Mr Jim McMorine, a teacher in AHS said, “I was so very impressed with the wide variety of talents performers and was so impressed with the high quality of each performer!.” The school will continue to have this award show every year to show appreciation to the students and to encourage all to participate.

A Screed

G.B Ghaffari

Sometimes I feel angry at

This time killing rotation

Going around the sun with no choice

I think it is a sort of damnation

This treacherous and causeless ride

Makes me want to go to another location

Where everywhere the grass is green

And there are no numbers and calculation

You don’t need to have a budget

Or a resume for a job application

Money, you can not live without

Of course,

But, is a source of all deviation

Everyone wants more of it, you can see

That is how it has become

A core of all kind of abomination

I wish I could burn the root of money

Or I had it as much as all plantation

I could make all people rich

Without thinking or computation

But it is all wishful thinking

An idea swirling in my imagination

Me and you, we know, very well

Have to run after money even if it is

The reason of our deformation

It is the purpose of life for all of us

We cannot live without

This nasty motivation

You don’t have to listen to me

It is just a bunch of my screed

And lousy confabulation

I am sorry that without asking you

I’ve invited you to this boring conversation


G.B. Ghaffari

Once again

like all other springs

the migrant birds are back


from branch to branch


with the melody of sweet spring breeze


their usual happy songs.

once again

like all other springs


trees are dancing in the wind

our lawn

is giving up the old grayish color


the lush fresh green color of spring



the morning  gaze

the sentimental golden morning  gaze


back old happy memories


when you were a wake before me


into my ears

"wake up my sunshine"

"before the sun shines"


It is spring  again


the room is a big hollow ball

an  absolute emptiness


my gut upside down

out side


is the same


as usual as ever


without you


there is


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Beacon Hill - Soz Rashid 

Nerigez Flower from Kurdistan - Soz Rashid